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A website for the type of person who wastes spends their time online looking for random, semi-useful things to entertain themselves with. I built this site for one purpose: to destroy the world of men. to test out the extent of my programming language knowledge (which is minimal at best but I feel it gets the job done). So check out what this site has to offer. I know it's not cool-looking or very full of pizazz, (whatever the hell pizazz means. I don't even know if I spelled the word right!) but this site accomplishes its goal. So go ahead and click on one of the links and check out this site. If you notice any spelling or other mistakes, check out the Disclaimer page. It will, hopefully, explain why there are mistakes.

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As the "Introduction" said, this website, at best, offers semi-useful stuff for life. If you came here to look for very useful stuff which can help you make a difference in a life-or-death situation, then this is not the website for you and you should just exit this website before it causes you sorrow and pain or even death. If you are here because you have nothing better to do, are bored and are going through random websites, or for other reasons, then this is the website for you. My website will try to offer useful things to the general public. So go ahead and explore. Hopefully you find something of use in here.

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